I am finally back with a new post about the ONE jacket you will need all Spring/Summer. I got this jacket a while ago, and I am sure you’ve seen me wearing it in a couple of IG posts. I’m excited that it made to the blog. It’s about time.

jacket for springSo this particular jacket from Charlotte Russe is very lightweight so I can still throw it on over a ton of different outfits. The main reason this is the one jacket for Spring/Summer is because it will look great with anything. It’s neutral so any color or pattern will go with it. And a nice, military jacket can keep a look cool and casual or edge out a more pretty look. Do you remember my black and white dress from my last post? So pretty, but I paired this jacket with that one day, and it looked so fashion forward. My outfit today is a good mix of both pretty and casual so it’s a great example of what I am talking about.  

I am also a huge fan of this jacket because of the small details. It’s always the details on something that can let that piece stand alone. There are buckles on the side, and I love the over sized collar. Does anyone else always roll their sleeves up on their lightweight jackets? I do that with my moto jacket, and I had to do it with my denim one, too. Preference, I guess! Oh, don’t you love the bracelet my daughter made me. I find these everywhere! She has made me so many. They’re so cute. 

The last and most simple reason why this is the one jacket for Spring/Summer is because it’s cute!

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one jacket for spring one jacket for spring one jacket for spring one jacket for spring one jacket for spring

Floral Skirt/ Forever 21  (similar, affiliate link)



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Hey y’all. Here is this week’s WHAT I WORE post. I have linked a few similar options with ShopStyle (affiliate linkes) below! I also included one of my daughter’s looks. There’s a special weekend post coming tomorrow so please come back! XO.


what i wore what i wore what i wore what i wore

CHS hat from Blue Poppy Boutique!


A few weeks ago, Green Blender sent me a week of smoothies to review for all of you. Give them a follow on Instagram; their smoothie pics are so beautiful. 

Green Blender is a smoothie delivery service. Each week you get five smoothies to blend and enjoy! They really believe that “blending up fruits and veggies can improve your health for the rest of your life”. I have to say, I agree. 

I feel like I am a pretty healthy girl, but waking up and making myself a smoothie every morning is something I wish I was better at. Early mornings are not my jam. Lol. I have no problem running out to get a coffee, but I can’t throw some fruits and veggies in a blender? Makes no sense, right? This is where Green Blender came to the rescue.

What I loved most about having the Green Blender smoothies is that it did make me skip coffee a few days. Without getting a headache! I also loved trying new flavor combinations. Like I mentioned in my Culinary Tour post, I have become quite the foodie since moving down South so I much more open to trying new flavors now. I really appreciated that they give info along with the recipe like why a certain ingredient is beneficial or the right way to build a smoothie. I can take that info with me when I make my own smoothies and for just eating. 

While I wished that the ingredients were separated by smoothie, it’s easy enough to do by yourself. A little time consuming, but worth it to have it all sorted so it’s an even quicker process to make your smoothie.

Below I have shared the five different smoothies that I got to enjoy. My favorite was the Sage Blackberry smoothie. I love mixed berry flavors. The Dill Detox was actually better than I thought! I think hearing dill in a smoothie can throw someone off a little, but it definitely doesn’t taste like a pickle. I promise.

Which one looks good to you?! XO!


green blender smoothies

Sage Blackberry

green blender smoothies

Dill Detox

green blender smoothies

Mangosteen Apple

green blender smoothies

Orange Honey

green blender smoothies

Coconut Carrot Cake  


Black and white striped dress… black and white striped dress

Hello everyone. I already miss the weekend, but I’m really excited to talk about this gorgeous black and white striped dress today. There really is something about black and white that I am immediately drawn to. I just love it. The black and white pieces that I own are some of my favorite things. See another black and white striped dress of mine here

The main reason I love these two colors together is because I find them to be so simple, even when they are in a print. Even stripes, and we all know that those can be challenging! Black and white gives you so much room to play with makeup, accessories, and even other prints. A nice black and white striped piece can also stand alone, too! It’s definitely going to be a showstopper. 

This dress is so perfect for warm weather, and I really love how loose and flowy it is. I normally prefer fitted dresses, but I like to change it up every now and then. Especially if the dress is as perfect as this one from FLY Modern Apparel. The cool strap detail is what caught my eye when I first saw this. It’s just a neat and different way to allow the straps to be adjusted. I keep them looser so it hangs lower on the sides and gives me more of a deeper v in the front. 

I knew pairing this black and white striped dress with bright blue heels and a trendy ear climber (also from FLY Modern Apparel) was going to be enough. But also more than enough… ya’ know what I mean!? Seriously, how cool is that ear piece? That alone could turn a simple, jeans and a t-shirt look into something special. 

There’s a giveaway over on my IG. Head over and take a look! XO.


black and white striped dress black and white striped dress black and white striped dress black and white striped dress black and white striped dress


Happy Friday, guys. Just sharing with you a few of my most recent looks. I have linked some similar pieces below with ShopStyle. Have a great weekend! XO.


what i wore this week what i wore this week what i wore this week what i wore this week

Top and Dress from FLY in Summerville, SC


Last weekend, I was lucky enough to go on the Charleston Culinary Tour. I really had a great time and would totally recommend it to anyone visiting or even if you are lucky enough to call Charleston home!

charleston culinary tour

For the Charleston culinary tour, it was obviously important to be comfortable and casual. I wear this jacket with everything, and I paired it a loose striped tank from FLY Modern Apparel.

charleston culinary tour

Huge disclaimer here… I am obviously not a food blogger or food photographer so I do want to say that the pictures do not do the food I got to try justice. I love styled food photos, but between eating, drinking, and time restraints, I had to shoot and eat! And that was fine by me!

The first restaurant for our culinary tour, our group got to eat at was HoM on King St. This burger place had a really cool vibe; they even have ping pong tables in the back. We were served calamari with a sun-dried tomato puree, a pork flat bread with pimento cheese (apparently a huge Southern staple), and lastly a turkey burger with sliced granny smith apples. The calamari was my favorite dish. I just loved the puree, but everything was really tasty.

charleston culinary tour charleston culinary tour charleston culinary tour

While we walked to R Kitchen, our lovely tour guide entertained with a lot of history which I loved. I feel like since I moved here, I haven’t really participated in enough touristy things. I love learning about Charleston so I thought it was nice that she was educated on everything and sneaked that in even though it was a culinary tour. R Kitchen was my favorite of the day. The kitchen and dining are all in one room so the inside only fits a handful of people. Their menu changes based on dietary wants/needs of the diners or on what they have! Although our food was prepared before we got there, on a normal night, the guests really get to witness what goes on in the kitchen and really get a show! The small dishes we got to taste were a curried vegetable mix, a chicken and balsamic reduction crostini, and a pork Bolognese pasta. The crostini was my favorite bite of the day! I am a sucker for anything with balsamic!

charleston culinary tour charleston culinary tour 

Our last lunch/dinner restaurant was Lana’s on Rutledge Ave. This one is right across the street from Hominy Grill which is another really popular restaurant in Charleston. At Lana’s we had a gazpacho and mushroom risotto. It was a really lovely, light tasting, and I paired it a Strawberry Rum drink. Yum. 

charleston culinary tour charleston culinary tour

We ended our culinary tour at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream on King Street. I chose a Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet. OMG. It was so good. They have such a variety of flavors. I would definitely recommend going to Jeni’s; kids and adults. I think my friend tasted every single flavor before deciding on one!

charleston culinary tour

Overall, it was a really good time. The tour guide was great, and everyone there was really friendly and a great group to spend almost 3 hours with! If you’re in the area, take this tour or any tour! This one will leave you very full, and it’ll make you fall back in love with Charleston.





Sharing a casual bodysuit look today.

bodysuit look

A simple, bodysuit look is one I definitely love. So this casual bodysuit look is definitely a go-to for me. Seriously, have y’all realized that I haven’t worn jeans in forever? I have really had a thing for skirts this Spring, and I know that’s going to carry on into the Summer. Although I prefer to wear this bodysuit with a skirt, there are a few other ways to wear one.

One reason I love bodysuits is because you can dress them up or down, like I’ve shown you in my last two posts. I really hope I can show you a more dressed up outfit in the near future. If I ever have anything to dress up for… You can also pair a bodysuit with every bottom. I think they look awesome with high waisted jeans; just because the bodysuit is going to be form fitting and tucked in really nice. Bodysuits are very trendy right now, and they come in many different styles. I like that this trend can go right into Fall/Winter with a long sleeved bodysuit or just layering one like I am wearing. Just another reason I love them!

One tip I have for rocking a bodysuit look is just to try it on. They can be tricky on the booty, especially because you do not want lines. Missguided‘s are all so soft and do not give any problems with lines or riding up.

Don’t forget to subscribe to win my KLEN giveaway and remember, you can use code TOPKNOT to get 10% off your order from their website. XO!


bodysuit look bodysuit look bodysuit look bodysuit look



MK Bag (similar)




Very excited to introduce all of you to some natural KLEN products.

klen products 

I am very excited to review some KLEN products for you guys. I always love finding new natural products to try, especially if there’s a better option for my daughter. KLEN is a brand that prides itself on making their own products safe and beneficial. What I love about their products is that they are all affordable. There are so many natural and organic products out there that I would love to choose, but the prices are just crazy! The people at KLEN actually use their own stuff which is always a good selling point. And they sent my daughter a little chapstick which was super sweet of them! She loves getting mail.  

Natural bug spray is definitely a safer option for your child. I mean, some nights you HAVE to use it and no matter what, the product is going to be near their nose and mouth and on their hands which end up in their mouths. I don’t really feel like you can decide on a bug spray because of it’s smell. Has anyone ever found one that smells good? If it’s natural and it works, I’m all for it. We take nightly walks as a family now that it’s warm hot out so I’ve been using this on all of us. We’ve had no problems! And mosquitoes loooooove my husband.

klen products  KLEN also sent me this body scrub in Coconut Lime Verbana. This really is one of my favorite scents ever; I used to only buy lotion in this scent. This scrub is so light and sugary, and it really does make my skin so soft. I always apply it before I shower, and I literally feel like I have lotion on after it washes off. I love that! Plus, it just smells incredible.

klen products klen products

Another one of the KLEN products I want to review is a lip gloss. This Champagne lip gloss is just so so tasty… is it weird to say tasty when describing something you’re not supposed to be tasting? Lol. I love a simple gloss some days. I always have lip stick on so it’s nice to change it up a little and keep it more natural. Lucky for you KLEN sent me an extra Champagne Lip Set (last pic below) for one lucky winner! Who wouldn’t want Champagne on their lips all day!? All you have to do to enter is subscribe to Topknot Style! Thanks so much! XO!

klen products klen products -Alexandria


Neutral look on Topknot Style today! 

neutral look

Hey everyone. I am so excited to be back with this neutral look on the blog. I also have a giveaway coming up on Friday so go ahead an subscribe to be entered! 

This neutral look is probably one of my favorite looks that I have ever featured on here. I am in love with bodysuits lately. Have you guys jumped on that trend yet? I love this nude one from Missguided. It is actually one of the most comfortable pieces that I own. It looks and feels like I have nothing on… which is really cool and trendy right now. I mostly gravitate towards black, as you’ve probably noticed, but I love the nudes and neutrals that are everywhere. Honestly, I think it’s because the nude clothing literally matches my skin tone exactly. Lol. That’s actually kinda sad though…

I paired this bodysuit with this cute button up skirt from Target. It’s so cute! And this military green is another Spring must-have. I also chose to add more accessories than I normally would just to add something to the nude. My ring and cuff are both courtesy of Rocksbox. You can get your free month using my code, winfredjacblogxoxo.

I also linked some options for black booties below! 

Thanks for stopping by! XO.


neutral look neutral look neutral look neutral look neutral look

Pics cred: Jennifer Collins